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New Order issued relaxing certain limitations/suspensions imposed on outward remittances of foreign exchange 2023 2023-07-24
Non-Renewal of the Money Changing Permits issued to fifteen (15) Money Changers (MCs) for the year 2023 2023 2023-07-10
Amnesty to deposit/sell foreign currency in the hands of the public 2022 2022-08-18
Relaxation of the Mandatory Conversion Requirement on Service Export Receipts/Proceeds 2022 2022-08-16
Extending the Order issued on Possession of Foreign Currency 2022 2022-07-08
Amending Limits and Terms and Conditions on Possession of Foreign Currency 2022 2022-06-25
Central Bank continues regulatory actions against errant Money Changers 2022 2022-04-01
Central Bank suspends Money Changing permit issued to Prasanna Money Exchange (Pvt) Ltd 2022 2022-03-31
Notice to the Public – Money Changers 2022 2022-03-28
Central Bank requests the public to provide information on unauthorized foreign currency dealings 2022 2022-02-28
Central Bank makes it mandatory for hotel service providers to accept payments from persons resident outside Sri Lanka in foreign exchange 2022 2022-01-24
Repatriation and Conversion of Export Proceeds and the Incentive Scheme to attract Higher Workers’ Remittances 2022 2022-01-08
Central Bank issues new rules on conversion of Export Proceeds 2021 2021-10-29
Use of Electronic Fund Transfer Cards (EFTCs) for payments in foreign exchange 2021 2021-08-20
Additional interest up to 2% per annum extended for 2 years for Special Deposit Accounts (SDAs) 2021 2021-07-08