Migration Allowance

1.      What is migration allowance?

It is an allowance for emigrants who are aged 18 years or above to repatriate the proceeds realized from.

  • any asset in Sri Lanka owned or acquired by the emigrant
  • any asset in Sri Lanka inherited or received as a gift by an emigrant
  • monetary gifts received from an immediate family member

Prevailing Foreign Exchange Regulations on the repatriation of funds under the migration allowance is prescribed in the Regulations No.3 of 2021. The applicable limits, method of repatriation and other terms and conditions pertaining to the migration allowance are specified in the said Regulations.

The migration allowance may be claimed only at the time of leaving Sri Lanka (initially or subsequently) or at the time during which the emigrant is residing outside Sri Lanka.

2.      Who is an Emigrant?

An Emigrant means;

  1.  a Sri Lankan national who has obtained Permanent Residency status or Citizenship in another country, or
  2.  a dual citizen of Sri Lanka whose mother or father was born in Sri Lanka, or
  3.  a non-Sri Lankan citizen whose mother or father was born in Sri Lanka and whose birth has been registered in Sri Lanka,
  4.  including minors of above persons.

3.      Method of repatriation

Emigrants are required to open a Capital Transaction Rupee Account (CTRA) with an Authorized Dealer (AD) in Sri Lanka in order to repatriate the eligible migration allowance.

The total value of any investment made by such emigrant while being a resident in Sri Lanka through an Outward Investment Account in the country where the said individual has obtained Permanent Residency, shall be deducted from the eligible migration allowance of such individual.

4.      Procedure to claim the migration allowance

Applicants shall liaise with any AD in Sri Lanka in order to open CTRA and proceed with the repatriation of eligible migration allowance.


Special Notes to Applicants

  •  An emigrant, who expects to leave Sri Lanka for the purpose of permanently settling in the country in which he/she has obtained Permanent Residency (PR) shall,

    i. inform the AD with whom he or she is maintaining Sri Lanka Rupee Accounts with regard to his migration, in order to re-designate such Rupee Accounts as Non Resident Rupee  Accounts (NRRAs).

    ii. surrender and cancel the Electronic Fund Transfer Cards issued to him by the banks in Sri Lanka. (including debit cards and credit cards).

  •  The emigrants who wish to claim the migration allowance are abided to submit any information/documentary evidence requested by the AD and any failure to do so would be caused to decline the request.
  •  Currently, the Order issued under Section 22 of the Foreign Exchange Act, No.12 of 2017, has imposed temporary suspensions on repatriation of funds under the eligible migration allowance by emigrants.


Regulations No.3 of 2021 published in the Government Gazette Notification No.2213/36 dated 03.02.2021

Order issued under Section 22 published in the Government Gazette Notification No.  2238/40 dated 28.06.2023

Directions No.16 of 2021 issued to Authorized Dealers on Capital Transaction Rupee Account